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ScanNap for Restaurant Marketing: Social Content Delivery from a Napkin! This printed paper napkin is capable of digitally delivering your social media promotional content directly into your captive patrons mobile handsets. Once delivered, your mobile promotion or "Check-In" Deal may be easily shared and broadcast to all of the friends and family members within their own social networks. Take advantage of this exponential branding and powerful FREE ADVERTISING for your restaurant today! What's more, you will receive full scan metric analytics reporting with your ScanNap. ORDER NOW: Call us right now to get started today! GET A FREE & INSTANT QUOTE: 877-NAP-ONLY (627-6659)

This printed paper napkin is capable of auto dialing your sales & catering line! Catering professionals have long understood the effectiveness of branding their name on their event napkin to captive audiences of prospective future customers. The ScanNap digital napkin for Catering takes this concept to a whole new level by offering you and your customer more than a traditional web page! It features "Click-To-Call" functionality which allows your prospects to AUTO DIAL your Sales & Catering line directly from your ScanNap - just at the moment they are most enjoying your service! Your interactive ScanNap allows you to effectively delivery and embed your digital promotion directly into their mobile hand set, where it is sure to be retained and potentially shared with friends and family generating new business by referral. Here are some other important links to consider including on your ScanNap: - Your Catering Menu - Your Menu's Photo Gallery - Your Catering Videos / Testimonials - Your Social Media Links - Your Facebook Places "Check-In" DEALS - Link to your Blog and/or Newsletter What's more, you will receive full scan metric analytics reporting with your ScanNap for Catering branded napkin. Call us now to get started today! Order Now: 1-877-NAP-ONLY (627-6659)

Restaurants can now use their cocktail napkin to digitally delivery online reservations pages directly into their patrons mobile phones. ScanNap from napkins only bridges the physical world to the digital world. For mere pennies per conversion, the restaurant owner can digitally embed their,, Yelp, Foursquare, Google Local, or Facebook Places Page directly into the mobile hand-sets of their loyal patrons while they relax at their bar, completely captive to their ScanNap digital cocktail napkin promotions. Best of all, the scan metrics are completely measurable with full analytics reporting included. Contact us Today! 1-877-NAP-ONLY (627-6659)

Introducing the world's first "web-enabled" printed cocktail napkin. This product links the offline physical world to the online digital world - where all of your valuable content resides. It is capable of actually delivering and embedding your digital promotion directly into the consumers hand held mobile device, for just pennies per delivery. Once delivered, your digital promotion may then be easily shared to each and every contact within that users address book. We utilize the industry standard, widely accepted, "QR code" format. However, our matrix bar codes are exceptional in that they are re-programmable. This allow you to produce just one ScanNap and re-program it to resolve to new content at will - this is very effective for test marketing purposes. Most compelling of all, our matrix codes are fully measurable. We provide complete scan metric analytics reporting data for the duration of your ScanNap promotional napkin campaign. ScanNap is a must for the following applications: RESTAURANTS - For delivering its online Reservations Page (OpenTable, FourSquare, Mobile Web Sites, etc...) to lounge patrons currently awaiting their tables. FILM & MUSIC FESTIVALS - For delivering rich Videos and Schedule of Events Calendars. WINERIES - Can transform the role of its tasting room beverage napkin to digitally embed its Order Form, Wine of the Month Club, and List of Available Retailer Locations to all tasting room visitors prior to their departure. MOBILE APP DEVELOPERS - Can deploy their ScanNap to specifically targeted consumer demographics, for the wide spread dissemination of their mobile applications, at an incredibly low cost per delivery. ENTERTAINERS - Can provide host venue clubs with free ScanNap beverage napkins to promote their latests works and to generate additional iTunes revenue. AUTHORS - Can generate substantial e-book revenue by linking to their Pages. BARS - Can self-promote their own "Facebook Place" pages to their patrons (and subsequently - to all of that particular patrons entire Friend Following as well!!!). EVENT PLANNERS - Can produce low cost video party favor cocktail napkins (always sure to create quite the buzz around each guest table). CATERERS - Can use their self-branded ScanNap, with "Click To Call" functionality built into their mobile Reservations Page, to easily secure new business directly from the guests currently enjoying their catered event. NON-PROFITS - Can effectively promote cause awareness, recognize key contributors and volunteers, and passively deliver its mobile Donations Page into each banquet attendee's mobile device. ...and any other business, service or individual wanting to promote its products, services or social media content to completely captive consumers as they relax offline. ORDER TODAY: 1-877-NAP-ONLY (627-6659)

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We thank you for your vote! This is "The Bacardi Silicon Valley Sunrise - The web enabled cocktail" video submission for The International Wine, Spirits and Beer 2010 "Star of the Bar" Event competion. This cocktail/napkin presentation, is capable of delivering and embedding any form of digital web content directly into the consumers hand held mobile device, from a simple traditionally printed cocktail napkin, to the patron as they relax in an un-huried environment, enjoying their Bacardi Silicon Valley Sunrise. For example, our submission is capable of delivering and embeding e-Drink Coupons, Cocktail Recipes, Online Table Resevation Pages, Event Calandars, Video Trailers, Social Media Invitations and whatever other digital content or promotion that your mind can conceive. A special thank you to everyone for selecting our submission and taking the time to vote for us. We truly appriciate your support! ~ The Bacardi Silicon Valley Sunset (

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