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Chipotle Napkins: A Case Study in Successful Marketing

14 Aug 2017 20:31

If you browse the “napkins” tag on Twitter, you will find that nearly all such tweets can be categorized in one of three ways: 1) people complaining that [insert fast food chain] doesn’t provide enough napkins 2) people pontificating that they “must be the ONLY person to hoard napkins in their glovebox/console” (FYI this is a near-universal phenomenon whose untapped marketing potential I discuss here) and 3) people thanking Chipotle for their gratuitous napkin provision.

So let’s talk about point number three… how this rather innocuous detail of Chipotle’s business practice has such a profound impact on the Twittersphere:


Chipotle’s napkin is simple; it is a one-ply kraft dispenser napkin, with custom printing in brown ink on both the front and back panels. The front panel has the corporate logo. The back panel… generally some quippy little story about the napkin’s recycled content. It is uniquely Chipotle, but it is still… just a napkin. It is a small part of Chipotle’s overall branding attempts, yet it doesn’t go unacknowledged. Why?


First, it is a kraft napkin, the standard brown we associate with recycled content. Chipotle takes this one step further by encouraging the customer to think. “Maybe this napkin was a phonebook,” reads the back panel. The customer imagines recycled trash, the impact on the environment, the lessened impact that they, the consumer, are having by shopping at Chipotle. The quotes are short, illustrative, and provide a sense of corporate benevolence. All of this ties into Chipotle’s overall brand message.

Second, it is a dispenser napkin, minus the dispenser, provided in abundance. Chipotle keeps their napkins in small baskets near the soda fountain. In the days of single-napkin tabletop and wall dispensers, this is an unusual decision for a corporate chain to make.


Restaurants run on already-slim margins, and so the desire to limit addition expenses (such as napkins, utensils, salt packets, etc) is understandable. From there, we get restaurants buckling down on the number of “free” items the customer receives. We see restaurants, especially quick service restaurants, keeping these items away from the table, and in some instances, behind the counters all together, instructing employees to dole out a very specific (usually very small) number of these items to each individual customer.

But, browsing the “napkins” tag on Twitter shows a different story. Customers vehemently oppose corporate “hoarding” of napkins. And while the company may argue that additional napkins are available, the customer need only ask, that argument carries little weight.

Napkins, like every other personal tissue product, are a private thing. They keep you sanitary at your worst moments. Needing to ask for more napkins, especially to a stranger, is admitting a lack of certain social hygiene, and the customer is less inclined to do it. While the policy may reduce napkin waste, it does very little to alleviate customer discomfort. Your customer remains distracted, probably slightly annoyed, and less able to enjoy your food, your ambiance, or their experience.


And so, we go back to Chipotle. Chipotle understands their consumer’s behavior (browsing the Twitter napkin tag also brings up countless people bragging about taking “stacks” of napkins from Chipotle… it is highly unlikely that Chipotle does not know), yet they whole-heartedly embrace their customer’s behavior. Chipotle continues to provide napkins in easily accessible stacks; customers can take as many as they want and do not need to ration a paltry amount of napkins. Customer discomfort decreases, and the customer can focus on their experience.

Additionally, napkins provide an underused marketing opportunity (see here). For every napkin that leaves with the customer, Chipotle releases a new, dual-purpose billboard into the community. That customer will throw the Chipotle napkins in with the rest of their napkins, undoubtedly a smattering of different quick-service brands. Chipotle has injected themselves directly into their customer’s intimate world, providing subliminal product placement in the most effective way possible.

Last, and most unexpectedly, customers will go to Chipotle specifically for their napkins. These customers, the ones that “stash” napkins, will plan visits to Chipotle specifically to “restock their stash” when it falls low. By providing a low-cost, wholesale kraft product for free to its customers, Chipotle is energizing an entirely new subset of its clientele.

 These customers, generally young, single people who frequent QSR establishments regularly, are swayed towards Chipotle’s offerings simply by the promise of an additional “free” thing. While Chipotle must factor in the cost of “surplus” napkins into the cost of their food, at a penny (or less) per napkin, the cost is negligible. Chipotle napkins have become a marketing tactic, a usable, easily disposable, recycled (and recyclable) flyer that draws customers back to the business, again and again.


In summary, Chipotle provides an example of a custom print job done very well. The napkin is carefully designed, accentuating the company’s message of sustainability and forward-thinking. It is simple, but specific and carefully branded.

Additionally, Chipotle crafts its policy around “free” products to benefit the customer, ultimately paying off with increased customer retention. Chipotle's napkins are a marketing tactic... a branded object provided in abundance.

Tweets cited:

Napkin Art: The Custom Printed Jungle

9 May 2017 20:19

"They can put me in a jungle.  Still, I can create."     -M. F. Hussain

Napkin Art: Custom Printed Wealth

9 May 2017 20:01

"It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness."
-Thomas Jefferson

Napkin Art: Custom Printed Dreams

9 May 2017 19:49

"All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers."     -Orison Swett Marden

Are Brown Napkins Recycled?

5 May 2017 19:50

All paper pulp is inherently brown (“kraft”); white napkins are achieved through bleaching. Even virgin pulp (the stuff direct from trees) undergoes bleaching. That said, white napkins are white typically because they are made of “newer” pulp and require less bleaching to become white.

The brown "recycled" napkins are composed primarily of “post-secondary material” (i.e. cardboard boxes, phonebooks, egg cartons, etc). This material has typically been dyed before (like the yellow pages in a phonebook) so it requires more bleaching to reach the brilliant white color of white napkins. In manufacturing, it is simply easier to leave post-secondary material its natural brown color, rather than bleach it all the way to white (it also requires a lot more chemicals).

From white, tissue can be colored further. Through a series of dye baths throughout the month, tissue is dyed progressively darker. As such, lighter colors (such as ivory, pink, yellow, and gray) are available earlier in the month and darker colors (green, navy blue, and black) are available later in the month.*

In summation, all pulp begins as "kraft." Some goes straight to manufacturing, becoming kraft products. The rest is bleached. From there, we get either white tissue or a series of progressively darkening tissue dye lots, resulting in the myriad of napkin colors we can provide to our customers.

*Orders are accepted all month long due to storage of dyed tissue Timeline for colored tissue more significant for larger orders.

Explore further!
Read About Napkin Sizing

Where Do My Napkins Come From?

23 Mar 2017 02:01

Where do my napkins come from? How are napkins made? And how do they get to me?

Let's explore these questions further!

Text Alternative for Infographic

Text Alternative

From start to finish, our napkins are 100% Made in America.

We start with 100% recycled material, 80% of which is post-consumer (think old boxes, paper bags, newspapers, etc).

Our pulp mills buy recycled content and convert it into commercial tissue rolls.  All pulp is made in America.  Fun fact: one tissue roll is 43 inches high, 26667 feet long, and makes 32000 napkins.

Our paper mills buy commercial tissue rolls and food-grade ink from American factories. All tissue and inks are certified by the USDA.

We process your order and send it to the mills. We communicate back and forth until your order is complete.

Our mills cut tissue rolls to standard sizes and custom print napkins on site.  Each mill employs 55 Americans, on average. Your order ships from the mill direct to you.

By communicating directly with the manufacturers, we keep overhead costs low and provide you with the lowest possible price for your napkins.

You receive your napkins in about three weeks.  The industry standard is six to eight weeks.

"We're a Veteran-founded, woman-owned American business that prides ourselves on our ability to create jobs and stock all-American products to businesses throughout North America," states our CEO, Anna Brereton.

To find out more, visit us at or call (877) 627-6659

Happy Napkins!

14 Mar 2017 18:48

3 cheers for custom printing!
Oh how we love thee...


8 Mar 2017 20:17

Custom printed dinner napkin, childhood sketch
Who cares about napkins? Who cares about tiny squares of cut-up tissue paper, designed to throw away, designed for disposal, designed for no other reason than to halfway sanitize the disgusting moments in our lives?

Who. Cares?

That’s the question I asked myself, time and time again, as I grew up the ubiquitous Napkin Kid (or… NapKid) of Silicon Valley. My parents, good hardworking people, had slowly built up their tiny empire on the backs of custom printed tissue paper, and I stood there, silently scoffing at any attempt they made to make me interested in their “boring” product.

And then I grew up.

Now, my life still revolves around that question… who cares about napkins? Why should anyone care about this throwaway product? Napkins are the hospitality industry’s annoyance, a necessary product, a necessary expense, and… so boring.
And yet… they’re not. And every day, I’m trying to convince the world of what my NapKid self did not understand, of the inherent intrigue and usefulness of this lowly product.

The further I delve into my product, into its nuances, the more fascinated I become. Daily, the prints come in, and I marvel at the detail, the way a piece of paper designed to absorb spills can still hold up to a print job of remarkable detail. I read clever sayings, I marvel at intriguing marketing ideas, I meet all sorts of companies… to the lightbulb company needing a custom beverage napkin, to the group of 80-year-old Texan cowgirls and their custom cattle brand napkin. I see print jobs from the state department and the Monoco consulate. I see countless restaurants, hotels, catering companies, banks, luxury clubs, cruiselines, etc etc… and the endless napkins that accompany them.

I still wonder what the point of the napkin is, but then I remember how, in our world gone digital, paper products are making a comeback… how with every napkin we sell, we’re helping a small business consolidate their marketing budget by utilizing an expense they would be paying for anyway.

Above all, I’m making art. It’s not a glamorous job, it’s far from glitzy and high-tech, but in my small way, maybe I’m helping make the world a bit more beautiful, a bit more interesting.

And that innocuous throw-away product? The tagline, “small canvas, big ideas” has become my mantra.

"Good" Napkins versus "Bad" Napkins

15 Feb 2017 20:21

We've all been there... reaching for a napkin with sloppy hands only to find some flimsy, shreddable thing that disintegrates in your hand, and you find yourself using five, six, seven... just to stop this onslaught of "mess" you've suddenly formed, bits of tissue now everywhere.

That, my friends, is a bad napkin.

In theory, no napkin is inherently "bad;" they all serve different purposes.  Why then, do we so often encounter the above situation?

Superficially, the cost/benefit analysis of napkins is easy to understand.  Napkins are a necessary commodity, therefore a necessary expense.  Try to minimize the expense by getting the minimum specs possible.  Everyone is happy.

Except probably not.

Napkins are not created equal.  You have one, two, three plys.  You have beverage napkins, dinner napkins, linen-like guest towels...  You have custom printed, or blanks.  The correct napkin for you correlates with your product, and the ambiance you wish to set.

A high-end establishment needs napkins that match the desired clientele. A one-ply semi-crepe beverage napkin, while perfect for the casual neighborhood bar, stands out like a sore thumb if your clients make six figures.  Similarly, a custom printed three-ply beverage napkin, while a bit much for that same corner bar, perfectly matches the ambiance of a five-star hotel, and can increase the perceived value of a budding fine dining restaurant

The significance of differing plys is often understated.  While most people understand that a three-ply napkin may feel "better" than a one-ply, the comparison often stops there.  The concept of "wet strength" is ignored completely.

Wikipedia defines wet strength as "a measure of how well the web of fibers holding the paper together can resist a force of rupture when the paper is wet." Understandably, wet strength increases with increasing plys. A three-ply napkin has better wet strength, and better resists breaking than its one-ply counterpart.  More fibers = more strength.  More strength = fewer tiny pieces of tissue to coat your sticky hands during a particular messy meal.

But what about absorbency? Why do three-ply napkins absorb more thoroughly than one-ply napkins?  And why should I care?

We care because science.  We care because the gaps between the tissue layers in a three ply napkin trap water molecules.  We care because polar water molecules are drawn up between tissue fibers through capillary action and surface tension, allowing molecules to flow against the pull of gravity, away from the floor, away from your customer's hands.  We care because the water molecules trapped between the plys of your napkins can no longer wreak havoc on your hardwood surfaces, or your customer's hands.

And without those extra plys?  Your customers don't just accept and move on; they grumble and they load up.  They double the "bad" napkins.  They make them thicker.  They use more, more, more, increasing the actualized ply, until their hands are clean and your dispenser is empty, because we need those plys to make our napkins work.  A thin napkin is the flat pillow at a cheap hotel; you can rest your head, maybe take a nap for awhile, but unless you double up, or fold it over, you're going to wake up with a stiff neck.

One-ply napkins may be cheaper, but they will disappear faster and you will be buying more often than simply providing two- or three-ply napkins from the start.

So is there a "bad" napkin? Are all one-ply napkins "bad?" Well, no.  Embossing increases absorbency, although only partially.

But we return to our main point.  No napkin is bad; one must pick the napkin that best suits their needs.  One-ply napkins are perfect for places where a napkin is nice, though not required, and unlikely to be required heavily.  Think of drinks under cocktails.  Or the coffee cake provided in a hotel or bank lobby.  One can even argue that one-ply napkins are best for cheap burger or barbecue places, where the act of getting messy can be part of the fun.  Ultimately, the decision is on you.  Does your ply make sense for your product?  For your business?  Will it benefit, or frustrate, your customers?  Will your one-ply order ultimately cost more for reorders than simply ordering a thicker napkin?  That's a decision for you to make.

As for me, I'll be waiting around for my stack of fine napkins.

Napkin Art: Color Branding

6 Feb 2017 22:11

Corporate color branding is hard to do...

But at least we've got your napkins covered!

Custom Paper Napkin Sizing

2 Feb 2017 21:22

At Napkins-Only, we strive to bring you the highest quality product at the lowest possible price, all while maximizing your artwork quality and maintaining the endless customizable possibilities for which we are known. With 25 color options for napkins and near-infinite options for ink, we can satisfy your every artistic napkin need.

Aspects of Paper Napkin:


We provide standard tissue and paper linen napkins. Our tissue napkins are always 100% recycled and formulated with up to 80% post-consumer material. Our paper linen napkins, a thicker, stronger product similiar to traditional cotton or polyester cloth napkins, are formulated with 90% cellulose pulp. Both products are manufactured entirely in the USA and certified by the USDA.


We supply 1-, 2-, and 3-ply napkins. “Ply” refers to napkin thickness or quality. A 1-ply napkin is composed of a single sheet of tissue, usually embossed all over to increase its wet strength. A 2-ply napkin is composed of two sheets of tissue. Similarly, a 3-ply napkin is composed of three sheets of tissue. As expected, both napkin strength and absorbency increase with increasing ply; a 3-ply napkin absorbs more thoroughly than 1-ply napkin.

Embossing Patterns:

As per industry standard, all tissue napkins come with one of three embossing patterns: facial, semi-crepe, or pebbled. Facial napkins have a smooth surface and an embossing pattern (commonly called a “coined edge”) along two sides of the product. Semi-crepe napkins have an embossing pattern throughout the entire napkin (no coin edge) and are only available in 1-ply. “Pebbled” napkins have a bumpy embossing pattern throughout the entire napkin surface. The pebbled embossing pattern is reserved primarily for dispenser napkins.

1. Semi-crepe emboss 2. Facial ("coined edge") emboss 3. Pebbled emboss

Paper Napkin Sizing:

Beverage/cocktail and Luncheon Napkins:

We manufacture napkins in multiple sizes. The standard beverage/cocktail napkin, the most widely used and versatile or our printed products, has a finished size of 5” x 5”. The luncheon napkin, a larger form of the traditional cocktail napkin, has a finished size of 6.5” by 6.5”. Both napkins print as open sheets with four fully-customizable panels, can be ordered in 1, 2, or 3-ply formats, and can have either facial or semi-crepe embossing, permitting near endless versatility and customizability in the finished product.
Folded luncheon and beverage/cocktail napkins
Unfolded four-paneled luncheon and beverage/cocktail napkins

Dinner Napkins:

Our dinner napkins are available in three different open sizes that fold into four distinct products. Our 13” x 17” dinner napkin folds to a 4.25” x 8.5” finished product, our 15” x 17” dinner napkin folds to a 4.25” x 7.5” finished product, and our 17” x 17” dinner napkin folds to either a 4.25” x 8.5” or 8.5” x 8.5” final product. All but our 8.5” x 8.5” dinner napkin are available as 1-, 2-, or 3-ply. The 8.5” x 8.5” is only available as 2- or 3-ply.
13", 15", and 17" x 17" dinner napkins, folded
13", 15", 17" x 17" dinner napkins, unfolded

Dispenser Napkins:

We also manufacture 1-ply dispenser napkins in two sizes: 12” x 13” and 13” x 17”, both of which fold to the industry-standard size of 6.5” x 4.5” and fit within any standard tabletop dispenser. We manufacture both sizes as 1-ply; however, the larger product generates a thicker, higher-quality product, similar to that yielded by a 2-ply napkin.

*note: our dispenser napkins are made to fit only standard tabletop or counter napkin dispensers

Tabletop napkin dispenser with customized kraft napkins
Custom kraft and white dispenser napkins

"Linen-like" Paper Napkins:

We provide our paper linen napkins in four distinct sizes. Our dinner napkin is manufactured as a 17x17 open sheet that folds to 4.25 x 8.5”. Our paper napkin guest towels, which replace standard paper towels in upscale establishments, come in two open sheet sizes, 12” x 17” and 8” x 17”, which fold to 4.25” x 8.5” and 4” x 8.5” respectively. We also manufacture paper linen beverage/cocktail napkins in the standard beverage size of 10” x10” open sheet and 5” by 5” folded. Paper linen napkins do not require embossing and are not measured by ply, resulting in a smoother, sleeker product well-suited to replace traditional cloth napkins in any establishment.

1. Paper linen dinner napkin 2. Paper linen guest towel 3. Paper linen "saver" guest towel 4. Paper linen cocktail/beverage napkin

Curious about napkin colors? Check it out!
Still have questions? Email us here!

Napkins for Manhattan Hotel Lobby

25 Jan 2017 21:07

Four panel kraft cocktail napkin:

Upscale hotels commonly have in-lobby coffee bars, and most will provide napkins.  The most savvy hotels often custom print their beverage napkins, usually with the hotel logo.  But this upscale Manhattan hotel took it a step further and printed effective step-by-step instructions for operating their single-serve pod coffee maker on all four panels of their beverage napkins.

The hotel chose our kraft napkins, a natural fiber blend with a light brown color, common to coffee bars. The print is simple: one-color black ink, in an easy-to-read, inviting font. The front panel reads, "GET BREWING - open here," whereas the middle two panels reveal six how-to steps for operating the coffee maker.

The final design proves effective.  The napkin itself, a necessary staple for the Manhattan hotel, now serves a purpose beyond wiping up spills.  Guests brew their own coffee, and hotel employees are free to attend to other matters.

The back panel presents a clear call-to-action, calling guests to doodle on the back. "Some of the best ideas are found scribbled on the back of a napkin," it reads. "Go ahead and see what you come up with." The panel encourages guest engagement and feedback, and adds a subtle flair of art and creativity to the guest's experience.

Overall, the custom print job proves effective.  The necessary hospitality staple has been elevated to a product with multiple uses.  The napkin simultaneously acts as serviette, instructional booklet, and art project, and the hotel gets more use out of an otherwise inevitable business expense.

Adeline Brereton Promoted to Account Manager

18 Jan 2017 19:21

San Jose, California (December 2016) Napkins-Only 
Ms. Brereton is graduating with honors from University of California, Santa Cruz in June 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in history and anthropology and will begin immediate employment thereafter in her new position as Account Manager.  She has served as Account Associate in a part-time capacity since 2011 and has a proven track record for strong customer service, organization, and work ethic. Ms. Brereton will provide outstanding customer service direction and management from quote to shipment. 
We are truly excited to promote Adeline to this managerial position.  She has dutifully served our company over the past five years and know she will continue to be an integral part of our success, says Anna Brereton, President of Napkins-Only, a division of Eagle Business Products, Inc. 
When asked for comment, Ms. Brereton laughed. "It's about time," she said. "I deserve this... haha... But to be serious, I'm honored to be chosen and I'm looking forward to my new position."
Adeline enjoys fine wine, interior design, and other people's dogs.
Connect with her on LinkedIn!

Custom Printed Paper Napkins As Marketing Material

10 Jan 2017 18:54

Custom printed paper napkins add an artistic touch to your bar, restaurant, or event.
Custom cocktail/beverage napkin with four color ink processing
Paper napkins… that unimpressive, unexciting, yet essential business expense that decreases your bottom line and serves no purpose beyond baseline functionality. But what if your napkins worked for you? What if your napkins made you money?

Paper Napkins in the Digital World

Custom "linen-like" paper cocktail napkin
Once upon a time, paper products were standard.  We had paper mail, paper maps... business forms, phonebooks, menus, et cetera, et cetera...  Yet the farther we delve into the digital realm, we watch more and more of these paper products reach obsolescence.  Small businesses struggle to convert their limited marketing budgets to the digital realm, chasing an ever-evolving slough of digital customers, but drowning in deafening masses of sub-par digital content.
For small business owners with limited time and slim profit margins, this can be a major problem. Tossing more money into the digital void is a terrifying prospect with no guarantee of ROI.
Paper napkins, a commonplace, unimpressive essential, remains unable to be mechanized... and your perfect medium for in-your-face marketing.

Marketing Opportunities for Custom Printed Napkins

Custom semi-crepe paper cocktail napkin
Custom printed napkins, or napkins selectively personalized for your company or organization, provide a unique opportunity for corporate branding. Duplicating your corporate logo inundates your customer with you, your message, your company, and your purpose. More creatively, napkins play canvas to near infinite marketing ideas: print with games, clever sayings, useful coupons… print on all four panels and open your napkins like a book… print your logo, donate to local businesses, and advertise like a tiny billboard throughout the city. We even print QR codes on napkins (ScanNap), linking your customers directly to your digital content. Creativity is your only limitation.

Unique Marketing Attributes of Custom Printed Napkins

3-ply, 3-color custom cocktail napkin
Paper napkins are portable, utilitarian, and personal. Customers will stash your napkins in briefcases and purses, to store in glove boxes, cabinets, and junk drawers everywhere. When used later, your message is still there, staring your customers in the face. Did they have a lovely dinner? Remind them! Did they enjoy your event, did they intend to recommend you to friends, but forgot? Remind them! The world is busy, your customers are forgetful, and your message needs to be a part of your customer’s daily life to have a lasting impact. Custom napkins do just that.

Best of all, napkins are uniquely affordable. Consider the resources and labor that go into constantly washing and folding non-disposable napkins, and the cost to replace them after they inevitably wear out with constant use. Custom printed tissue is an incredibly inexpensive medium, just $0.007 per inch of print, and provide a unique, more hygienic option against traditional cloth napkins.

The unassuming paper napkin… an unrefined diamond of marketing potential.

Get your free quote for custom printed napkins today!

All Hail the NapKing!

9 Jan 2017 22:18

The best napkins are always custom printed, folks!

Napkins and Human Innovation

14 Jul 2016 20:33

Humanity crafted the world on the backs of napkins…
Hyperbole?  Check again:
just to name a few.
The napkin: an ephemeral, innocuous, throw-away product… the world’s greatest small canvas for big ideas.
So let’s take a few seconds to celebrate our best bar friend, the napkin.
Where would the world be without you?


21 Jan 2012 00:05

It appears that SMS marketing might soon be replaced by the more versatile QR code.  More and more brands are turning to QR codes in place of SMS text messaging to promote marketing campaigns, mobile promotions and rich social media experiences.  According to Brock Brereton of ScanNap™, creator of the first digital cocktail napkin, the QR code is superior to SMS in that the scan metrics are fully measurable, the code matrix are re-programmable, the codes are capable of delivering any form of digital content from a wide range of low cost substrates and most importantly - it is a far more user friendly experience for the end user consumer while offering substantial cost savings and lower barriers to entry for the mobile marketeer.

According to an article on Mobile Marketer: “Nowadays, consumers cannot go a day without seeing a QR code – whether it is on a cocktail napkin, magazine page, billboard or bus shelter. In past years, SMS "calls to actions" were seen just about everywhere.  However, many current mobile marketing experts are not incorporating SMS, opting instead for the QR code to drive user engagement.”

While SMS is still a popular form of marketing, QR codes are more interactive and engaging to consumers, the article went on to note. “SMS gives brands an easy, broad reaching and low cost means of consumer communication via the mobile channel – and as you know, is ubiquitous, but it lacks the rich media experience that QR codes can deliver.”

Broadcast your Social Media "DEALS" to thousands!
As evidence, many companies are beginning to replace the standard key-ring tags used for their loyalty programs with QR codes, which customers can scan for themselves to redeem their rewards.  This trend is likely to continue along with more innovative deployment on lower cost substrates.  The least costly offline printed medium available is tissue paper, making ScanNap™ QR code printed cocktail napkins a logical choice for highly profitable R.O.I. for the mobile marketing dollar.  Combine this with the incredibly long individual page views obtainable by ScanNap™ from the completely captive patrons within sports bars, internet cafe's, airlines, entertainment venues and sporting complexes and you have the ideal low cost digital content delivery system to promote your own brand on the mobile web.

Order Now:
1-877-627-6659 (NAP-ONLY)
Scan code for QuickQuote

New Digital Napkin for Restaurant Marketing Enables Mass Broadcast of Social Media "DEALS"

13 Dec 2011 20:44

New Digital Napkin for Restaurant Marketing Enables Mass Broadcast of Social Media "DEALS"

ScanNap for Restaurant Marketing - Social Media “DEALS” Digitally Delivered from Promotional Cocktail Napkins

23 Nov 2011 08:33

Broadcast Social Media "DEALS" to thousands!
What if your printed cocktail napkin could broadcast your social media "DEALS" to thousands of new and prospective patrons?  And what if it was COMPLETELY FREE to reach them!  Listen up...

The ScanNap™ digital cocktail napkin from NapkinsONLY allows your restaurant to proactively initiate large numbers of powerful new social networking / location based customer "CHECK-IN's" - originating from your low cost printed cocktail napkin - directed to your captive patrons web enabled phones – broadcast straight to the millions of consumers using social networks to find your restaurants best "Deals".  It works like this; relaxed patrons completely captive to the message of your ScanNap™ digital cocktail napkin are subtly encouraged to "CHECK-IN” to your establishment using any of the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and Gowala to receive your daily “Deals”.  Your ScanNap™ promo napkin essentially act as a digital bridge, linking the physical world to the digital world, greatly simplifying the process of sharing your restaurants “Deals” directly to the friends of your patrons along with an invitation for them to physically join them at your location.  More importantly, when your patrons "CHECK-IN", your restaurants brand name instantly receives exponential amounts of completely free advertising from the thousands of “CHECKED-IN” page views created across each one of their own personal networks of friends and family members.  In this way, the restaurants average bar tab of $12 can quickly increase to become a $50+ tab as friends and family members join together and/or share your “Deals” across their networks as well.

"CHECK-IN" on Facebook from ScanNap
Finally, a ScanNap™ barcode matrix is re-programable.  So, consider using your ScanNap™ as an effective profit center for your restaurant by renting your digital napkin advertising space out each weekend to your talented associates of DJ's, bands and musicians to help them better promote their products, services, and creative arts (e.g.: iTunes links & web sites).  The possibilities are endless!  Think of your ScanNap™ promo napkins as powerful and effective offline mobile web pages that seamlessly embed your promotional mobile marketing content directly into your relaxed patrons hand held mobile devices – once delivered, your content is sure to be retained and viewed yet again and may be easily shared to ever increasing numbers of new prospects – all with the added benefit of legitimacy, having first been recommended by a trusted friend.  We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this powerful new branding tool and all of the FREE MOBILE ADVERTISING EXPOSURE being offered to us today by the top social media networks.

Order Now:
1-877-627-6659 (NAP-ONLY)
Some additional effective linking ideas:
  • A "Click-To-Call" Link to Auto-Dial Your Sales & Catering Line
  • Your Online Dining Reservations Number Link
  • Your Restaurants Online Catering Menu
  • Your Menu's Photo Gallery
  • Your Catering Videos & Testimonials
  • Your Local Search Site Links
  • Your Social Media Links
  • Your Yelp Site with "Offers"
  • Your Mobile Twitter Feed
  • Your Blog and/or Newsletter invitation
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ScanNap for Catering - Printed Napkins That Can Auto-Dial Your Sales & Catering Line

28 Aug 2011 23:36

Imagine if your branded catering napkin could actually "auto-dial" your Sales & Catering line directly! ScanNap for Catering can do just that and much more...

Professional catering companies have long understood the effectiveness and importance of branding their name on traditionally printed paper napkins. The caterer is all to happy to supply its own branded napkin to captive audiences of potential new future prospects who will view their napkin for the entire duration of the catered event. The ScanNap interactive napkin from Napkins-Only takes this promotional branding effort to an entirely new and different level!

ScanNap for catering actually offers you and your prospective new customers much more functionality than a traditional desk top web page. It provides for a "Click-To-Call" smart phone link which allows your new prospect to easily AUTO DIAL your Sales & Catering line directly from your ScanNap branded napkin. This sales conversion from prospect to new customer occurs at just the right moment during which they are most enjoying your professionalism and fine delicacy!

Your ScanNap essentially acts as a digital bridge. It allows you to effortlessly deliver and embed your rich "online digital world" content and deposit it into the mobile devices of relaxed "offline physical world" consumer prospects. In addition to the "Click-To-Call" feature, your ScanNap
is also capable of effectively delivering your digital promotional coupons, social media "Check-In Deals", your local search site links, online menu's, photo galleries, featured videos, newsletter and/or blog invitations, testimonials, and anything else that you might imagine linking to. What's more, once delivered to your prospects mobile device, your valuable offer is sure to be retained well after the conclusion of the actual event where now it can easily be shared with friends and family within the devices contact list - as well as their entire social media networks following.  It is amazing to consider that these new and exponentially powerful mobile marketing opportunities for the caterer are all available from a simple, affordable, piece of tissue paper (the least costly offline printed medium available).

If your catering company currently uses a traditionally printed napkin for your events, we will ScanNap upgrade you at NO CHARGE. Simply advise as to where you would like us to link your ScanNap and attach your high resolution logo graphic in an e-mail to:
Lastly, your ScanNap results are fully measurable. You will receive complete scan metric analytics reporting with your ScanNap digital napkin. ScanNap for catering truly leverages the power of the mobile internet with the proven effectiveness of the traditionally branded printed paper napkin for catered events!  Call us right now to get started today!

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Some additional effective linking ideas:
  • Your Local Search Site Links
  • Your Companies Catering Menu
  • Your Menu's Photo Gallery
  • Your Catering Videos / Testimonials
  • Your Social Media Links
  • Your Facebook Places "Check-In" DEALS
  • Your Yelp Site with "Offers"
  • Your Mobile Twitter Feed
  • Your Blog and/or Newsletter invitation
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Audi Creates World’s Biggest Human QR Code

3 Jan 2011 17:00

Audi clearly understands that battle lines are forming for the mobile marketing war that will rage for your hand-held mobile device. Although this particular "human QR Code" is not directly relative nor very practical to the actual goal of selling cars, this introductory video is an excellent example of the impending mobile marketing strategy of a very forward thinking company. Well done Audi! How are you preparing? What is your mobile marketing strategy?

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ScanNap for the Film Festival

31 Oct 2010 23:27

The ScanNap digital cocktail napkin is perfectly suited for the international film festival, music festival, or other similar events. On any given day, of any particular week of the year, there is a film festival event in progress somewhere on the globe. The red carpet stars of these special events are the actual filmmakers themselves, and regardless as to their level of experience or credential, they all crave exactly the very same thing: public mass media exposure of their art. Que the innovative new ScanNap "web-enabled" cocktail napkin from Napkins-Only.
While doubling as a moisture barrier for your adult beverage, in reality, this product is a very clever content delivery system for the mobile web. It is capable of streaming a film makers' video trailer directly to the mobile handset of the film festival attendee. ScanNap effectively bridges the offline physical world to the online digital world using low-cost, printed paper tissue, as its delivery medium. Using the popular QR code, the product is capable of launching, delivering and embedding any form of digital content directly into the consumer's hand held mobile device - while they relax between screenings - completely captive to the ScanNap promotional cocktail napkin. What's more - once scanned, the mobile content, streaming video, calendar of events, or digital promotion might then easily be shared with every contact within the address book of the users device. In addition, all scan conversions are measurable and complete scan metric analytics reporting data is provided by Napkins-Only with every campaign.
To ensure record levels of attendance, film festival organizers, volunteers, and sponsors can effectively mass deploy their ScanNap promotional cocktail napkin campaign into all of the finer public venues located within their host cities as well as the surrounding communities. This is best accomplished well in advance of the actual event date to better increase event awareness amongst the locals. In this way, the event organizers are able to promote good-will directly with the local business owners. Bars, pubs, nightclubs, theaters and restaurants will all benefit from the increased levels in traffic attributable to the event.
Once deployed, ScanNap quickly becomes an important interactive tool linking the public to the festival. Event organizers are capable of allowing the public direct access to view exclusive trailers and vote for their favorites before they premiere. At the conclusion of the festival, during the after party events, the public can again be engaged to vote for their favored film. We can easily create a landing page linking film trailers, event schedules, online ticketing options, "Click-2-Call" ticket sales, geo-targeted maps, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social media link. Please take a moment a moment to preview ScanNap live in action at the 2010 Edmonds International Film Festival. We look forward to working with you to ensure that this year is your most successful event ever!
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QR Codes - ScanNap - And The Marketing Wave

7 Sep 2010 20:56


If ever the time were right to "web-enable" your printed napkin - it is right here and right now...
Interest in the "QR code", which stands for quick response code (invented by the DensoWave Corporation of Japan), has absolutely taken off as of late. This is a result of companies, brands and agencies all searching for new and more effective way to gain attention and engage interactively with their customers. Take a peek at the chart above. It comes directly from Google Insights and clearly documents the number of searches for the phrase "QR Code" from 2004 to present.
QR code readers are now shipping factory installed on all Google Android phones. A QR code reader for the popular BlackBerry device is bundled into the new BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 upgrade. As of this writing, there are no fewer that 16 separate QR code reader apps available for the iPhone in Apple's iTunes Store. In addition, there are numerous after market readers readily available for most every older mobile device as well.
Finally! The stage is set, North America is ready for the coming wave of QR code marketing mania. Follow this weblog and tell your friends about us as we provide you with real world, actionable, intelligent and affordable marketing ideas for your industry sector.
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Welcome To The Digital Napkin

22 Aug 2010 18:54


Welcome to the inaugural post of The Digital Napkin!
Let us start by acknowledging that we appreciate the ever-growing number of bright and talented individuals out there in cyber-space and we never cease to be amazed at some of the extremely creative ideas that many of them are involved with. We also understand that each of them are actively competing for your page view as well. As such, we do not take your time nor your attention for granted - we consider your decision to join our community of ideas an absolute honor. We thank you very much. In return, we commit to provide you with relevant content that is both brief and actionable. Bold and creative new media initiatives that you can easily deploy today that will make a real difference in ensuring customer retention and repeat business.
What The Blog Is
The Digital Napkin will be a valuable repository of trending mobile marketing ideas for you to draw from. Its purpose is to provide you with an open archive of proven and effective real world solutions that cover a wide range of industry sectors.
We hope to equip as many of you as possible with some cutting edge new tactics to enhance your current marketing efforts. As a result, we trust that everyone will come away with a better understanding of how they can better leverage the power and affordability of ScanNap to bridge the digital divide between the physical world and the digital world.
What We Ask Of You Our Subscribers
We consider this blog an open arena for creative conceptual thinking. We invite you to join in the discussion and we encourage you to submit your own thoughts and ideas for profitable mobile web promotions using ScanNap and QR Codes. We cannot wait to hear from you. We are sure that we have completely over-looked that one absolutely brilliant idea involving your industry sector. Please let us know about it - we'll be sure to feature it and give you the credit.
Finally, as for praise and criticism, we receive them both equally. Feel free to weigh in on either count. In closing, please strive to be courteous and respectful of others opinions when commenting. We are looking forward to interacting with you!
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ScanNap Web Enabled Cocktail Napkin

28 Jul 2010 20:49

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